Purple Cows Hot And Cold Laminator Review

Purple Cows Hot And Cold Laminator Review

If you would like to ensure that you purchase the best laminator possible, there are a few matters to consider before making your purchase.

Considering the size of your intended documents for lamination is one of the first things to do before beginning your search for the right laminator. If you know your document size, you can decide on the right width for your needs.

Beyond laminator width, you must also consider the type of operating mechanism you would prefer for your new laminator. You have the choice between a hot laminator and a cold laminator. Where hot laminators are perfect for simple papers and other items which will not be damaged by heat, cold laminators are more versatile.

A cold laminator can work with photographs and other sensitive documents which will likely be damaged over the course of the lamination process by excessive heat. If you plan on using your laminator for multiple types of documents, you will find that a more versatile model, capable of both hot and cold lamination would be a perfect choice.

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator in box.

While models with multiple functions tend to be more expensive, they are also of higher quality due to the added mechanisms and other complex features included in them. Consider that your laminator is an investment, if you spend more money on it, it will very likely last longer, especially if it comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Things You Should Consider

There are several aspects to consider before buying your new laminator, we will spend the next section discussing some of the more pertinent points to consider while purchasing your laminator.

Warmup Time

One of the more important aspects in a laminator is how long it takes to warm up. A shorter warmup time will save you a good deal of time in the long run as you will have to wait for far less time over the course of your laminator ownership.

When combined with a higher lamination speed, this greatly improves the efficiency of your laminator. Since laminators tend to be a little bit on the slow side when it comes to office equipment, you will find that any way to improve that speed is an excellent inclusion.

Energy Efficiency

Laminators are rather energy hungry products. If you want to save money on your electricity bill and also make your product more ecologically friendly, there are few better choices than investing in a model which consumes less energy. There are several ways to ensure that you purchase a more energy efficient model.

You will typically find that cold press laminators consume far less energy than hot models due to the lack of a need to produce heat. Heat production is the primary source of power hungriness when it comes to laminators, so cutting out the need for heat in order to use the product is an important step.

The Product


  • This product features a maximum document size of 13 inches
  • The warmup time of this laminator is 3 to 5 minutes
  • Can use either 3 or 5 mil pouches without having to change settings
  • Comes with 50 3 mil pouches so you can get started quickly
  • Uses about 50% of the electricity used by the competition

This 13-inch laminator is manufactured by Purple Cows, a UK based company which specializes in office supplies. This product is evidence that this manufacturer is an excellent maker of laminators. With features like hot and cold lamination and no need for temperature adjustment between pouch sizes, this is a very versatile product.

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator and results.

The most impressive part of this product is its effectiveness relative to its price. Unlike other models in the same price range, this product has excellent features that are rarely found on such affordable models of laminator.


If the silly name leaves you skeptical, you needn't worry. Purple Cows has made an excellent product which may be the most cost effective option we have reviewed. When comparing this model to other types of laminators, the most evident feature is the energy efficient manner of operation, which will save you a good deal of money in the long run.

Beyond sheer efficiency, this model is also highly effective and simple for a beginner user due to the lack of a need to adjust the temperature depending on the thickness of your pouch. If you want a simple, intuitive product, you will find that the Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator is a great choice.

The inclusion of a 13-inch input slot allows you to use many different kinds of documents with this laminator, ensuring heightened versatility in comparison to other models. We highly enjoyed making use of this product thanks to all of these quality of life features.

What Others Say

Customers who reviewed this product were very much fans of the simplified operation of this model in comparison to other choices in the same price range. Where other similarly priced models seem to overwhelm the user with control options, this product keeps it rather simple.

Some users are not fans of this aspect, as it is rather polarizing. Some people prefer to have greater control over their heating level. All customers, however, appreciate the inclusion of 50 3 mil pouches with which they can use this product.

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator close-up.

Buying Advice

This product can be found on many online retailers like Amazon. It typically retails for just under 90 dollars, which is a rather impressive price point for such an effective product. Other products with the same number of features typically retail for about 50 dollars extra.


If you are looking for an efficient and affordable choice in terms of a laminator, you will be a huge fan of this product. We hope that this review has been helpful, as we have tried to cover every aspect of this product.

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