Royal Sovereign ES-1310 Laminator Review

Royal Sovereign ES-1310 Laminator Review

A laminator can be an excellent addition to your home. There are many reasons why you would want to laminate a document. One of the primary reasons is that it greatly increases the durability of the document which has been laminated. A laminated paper is nearly impossible to rip and tear, greatly reducing the risk of your paper being damaged.

Beyond reducing the chances of your paper being ripped, lamination will also make your document far more resistant to water damage. As a laminator essentially plastifies your paper, water cannot infiltrate due to the water resistant properties of the plastic based film.

Beyond simply increasing your document's resistance to water damage and tearing, lamination also improves the rigidity of your paper so you can store it without fear of it being folded or crumpled up. This is a good choice if you would like to avoid any possible deformation of the item which is being laminated.

As you can see, lamination is an excellent way to preserve documents and other paper-based items which hold a deeper meaning to you. This can be either an item with great personal meaning or something equally important regarding an official document.

Things You Should Consider

Finding the right laminator is important, as they can set you back a decent amount of money. You will want to ensure that you purchase the right product, so you don't end up suffering from buyer's remorse. For that reason, in the coming section of this review, we will go over some of the more important characteristics to search for in the best laminator.

Royal Sovereign Photo and Document Laminator.

User Friendliness

User accessibility and intuitive controls are both very important aspects in your new laminator. This is doubly so if you are new to home lamination and you would like an easier time learning the ropes. Even if you are not new to using laminators, however, you will find that user friendliness is very crucial to making you want to use your laminator.

Features which improve user accessibility can range from timers to let you know when your item is done being laminated to improved user interfaces which make it easier for you to initiate the process.


Another important thing to consider about your laminator is the looks. While this may be less of an issue if you intend to use your product at home, it is always nice to have a product which fits in with your office decor. While lower priced models will have less well-designed exteriors, many mid-range products feature sleek, futuristic exteriors.

The look of a product is not always related to simple aesthetic values. A well-designed laminator will also tend to feature aptly positioned switches and controls, so the product is easier to use. As you can see, aesthetics can also be related to user friendliness due to good product design.

The Product


  • Works with a 2 roller system
  • Maximum width is 13 inches
  • Film thickness of 3 to 5 mils
  • 1.18 feet per minute lamination speed
  • Can laminate pictures without damage
  • Warmup time of 5 minutes
  • ​Simple and easy control options

This product is manufactured by Royal Sovereign, an American company which is known for their manufacture of office supplies and many other products. The versatility of the manufacturer is reflected in this product, as it is usable with many different kinds of mediums.

Unlike many other types of laminators, this model is usable with photos as well as documents. It also features a relatively large maximum document width of 13 inches, in case you would like to laminate larger pieces of paper. The maximum thickness is rather standard with a range of 3 to 5 mils.


If you are looking for the most user-friendly model of laminator possible, you will certainly enjoy using this product. The Royal Sovereign, 13-inch laminator, is a great choice if you are an inexperienced user of laminators or if you simply want to make the process far more streamlined than with competing models.

Royal Sovereign Photo and Document Laminator used.

The warmup time of 5 minutes is rather standard and the lamination speed of 1.18 feet per minute is rather acceptable, but nothing stellar. This is offset by the time it takes to input your intended control settings, as there are only two buttons. One of the buttons is the on/off button and the other decides the thickness/heat level.

While these controls may seem simplistic, they are quite effective. Besides the user accessibility, this model is rather good at ensuring there are no bubbles in your laminated documents thanks to the 2 roller system.

What Others Say

After looking through the internet for customer reviews and testimonials, we have compiled some of the most common comments that have been made about this model of laminator.

Most customers are quite impressed by this model's accessibility and intuition in terms of controls, like we were.

While critics were somewhat rare, some criticized this model's lack of an auto-shutdown feature.

This means that you have to be more careful not to leave on your laminator after you are done using it.

If left on, a laminator can pose both a fire and burning hazard, so do take care while using this product.

Royal Sovereign Photo and Document Laminator size.

Buying Advice

When it comes to buying this product, it can be found at many online retailers, namely Amazon. This product is somewhat mid-range when it comes to price. It is usually sold for about 100 dollars, which is a worthwhile price when you consider the quality of this machine.


If you are looking for a user-friendly model of laminator which is designed for new users and those who would like just a little bit more of intuition in their device. We hope our review has helped you make a decision regarding your future laminator.

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